Steak with Apricots
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prep and cook time: about 25 minutes 
makes: 4 servings 
3/4 cup  canned apricot nectar
1/4 cup  orange juice
1-1/2 Tbsp  honey
1-1/2 Tbsp  dijon mustard
2 Tbsp  prepared horseradish
4   beef tenderloin steaks (about 6 oz. each), each about 1 inch thick,
  trimmed of
  fat 4 firm ripe fresh apricots (8 to 12 oz. total) salt and pepper
in a bowl, mix apricot nectar, orange juice, honey, mustard, and 
horseradish. rinse meat and place in a plastic food bag; add 1/2 cup of 
the apricot sauce. seal bag and let stand for about 15 minutes, turning 
occasionally. set remaining apricot sauce aside. meanwhile, cut apricots 
in half and discard pits, lift steaks from bag; discard marinade. place 
steaks on a grill over a solid bed of hot coals ( you can hold your hand 
at grill level for only 2 to 3 seconds) or over high heat on a gas grill. 
place apricot halves on grill brushing with some of the reserved apricot 
sauce. close lid on gas grill. cook steak, turning once, until done to 
your liking and red to pink in center; cut to test (8 to 10 minutes for 
medium rare). cook apricots, turning once, until hot and lightly browned 
(about 5 minutes); as apricots are cooked, transfer to a platter and keep 
warm. heat remaining apricot sauce in a microwave safe bowl or pitcher in 
a microwave oven on high (100% power) or in a pan over medium high heat 
just until boiling. season steaks to taste with salt and pepper, then 
serve with hot grilled apricots and sauce. per serving: 278 calories, 32% 
(88 cal.) from fat. 28 g protein, 9.8 fat (3.6 g sat.), 19 g carbo, (0.9 g 
fiber), 171 mg sodium, 80 mg chol. source: safeway select magazine 
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