REQUESTS from Saturday, July 26, 2003
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tapioca pearls 
using tomatoes and peaches 
waffle cones 
roasted raspberry chipotle dressing 
carb reduced recipes for bread 
maine salt water taffy 
imitation crabmeat 
papadeaux swamp thing drink 
sugar-free recipes 
from: (nathan) 
subject: tapioca help! 
date: 26 jul 2003 00:08:03 -0700 
i have been scouring the internet, trying to find a proper recipe for 
cooking tapioca pearls - twice i've bought dry pearls, both the very 
small kind (about an eighth of an inch while dry) and a larger kind (a 
quarter of an inch) - but both times when i've cooked them, they have 
ended up only well-cooked on the outside, with an inside that is pasty 
or gummy. 
all i'm doing is following the directions on the packaging (boil 15 
minutes, rinse, soak overnight, boil 10 minutes, soak 3 hours, enjoy), 
but this is not cooking them properly. 
is there anyone out there who knows enough about tapioca pearls to 
give me definitive advice on how to cook them properly? 
message-id: <> 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 21:07:03 edt 
subject: using tomatoes and peaches 
hello with lots of tomatoes in the offing i would like to know if anyone 
a recipe for tomatoes and peaches i would also like any recipes using 
tomatoes with fruit and herbs.thanks in advance to everyone.marilyn 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 21:06:23 +0800 
from: "sci.geology" <> 
subject: curries 
organization: tmnet malaysia 
does anyone have any recipes for curries ? mine just don't seem to taste 
quite right, i don't know what gives curry body. just adding curry powder 
and garlic n ginger just dont' make it 
from: "jimary67" <> 
subject: waffle cones 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 09:31:34 -0400 
i misplaced my recipe for waffle cones and i cannot remember the 
ingredients. can anyone help me? 
from: "carol laiosa" <> 
subject: roasted raspberry chipotle dressing 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 19:23:22 -0400 
does anyon have a recipe for roasted raspberry chipotle dressing. it 
can be used as part of an appitizer with cream cheese or brie or on 
meats and chicken. 
from: "tiffany stinson" <> 
subject: something good using tofu 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 19:29:29 +0000 
my kids have decided they really like tofu. i would like some healthy and 
recipes using it. 
from: "robert \(bob\) taubman" <> 
subject: carb reduced recipes for bread, etc. 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 09:58:56 -0400 
i'm looking for recipes that are carbohydrate reduced and can be used as 
part of a dietary plan that calls for carb reductions. 
any and all would help. 
bob taubman 
date: fri, 25 jul 2003 12:13:27 -0700 (pdt) 
from: emily richardson <> 
subject: maine salt water taffy 
last year we were given some fantastic salt water 
taffy by our neighbours who vacationed in maine. it 
was a very soft taffy which didn't crack teeth or 
threaten to dislodge fillings, and it was delicately 
i was hoping someone here can provide the genuine 
recipe for this type of taffy. i have a craving for 
some and the recipes i've tried so far don't quite do 
it for me. 
many thanks in advance! 
from: "peter r. chamlis" <> 
subject: recipe request 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 18:48:47 -0400 
how about some good ideas for use with imitation crabmeat? 
from: "anissa davis" <> 
subject: recipe for papadeaux swamp thing drink 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 22:26:02 -0600 
hello !! 
i am looking for the recipe of called swamp thing !! if anyone can help i 
would be greatly appreciated !! 
from: "cklund" <> 
subject: sugar-free recipes 
date: sat, 26 jul 2003 06:55:59 -0500 
i'm looking for sugar-free recipes, can someone help me out. any web site 
would be helpful. thanks mr_spud 
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