Poached Fish with Citrus Sauce
... submitted by butter 
from california, usa 
to serve four. 
poached fish 
4 medium  size white fish fillets
1/4 cup  dry white wine
6   black peppercorns
1   bay leaf
1 small  onion sliced
citrus sauce 
1 medium  orange
1 Tbsp  castor sugar
1 tsp  cornflour
1 tsp  water
15 butter
place fish in single layer in large frying pan with wine, peppercorns, bay 
leaf and onion, add enough water to just cover fish. poach over medium 
until fish is tender, remove from pan, drain on absorbent paper. serve 
citrus sauce. 
citrus sauce 
remove rind from orange using vegetable peeler, cut into lung thin strips. 
squeeze juice from orange, need 1/2 cup, supplement as necessary. place 
sugar in small saucepan, cook over medium heat without stirring until 
sugar is melted and golden in colour. add orange juice and stir until 
toffee is melted. blend cornflour and water, stir into sugar mixture, stir 
over high 
heat until mixture boils and thickens. remove from heat, add butter and 
rind, stir until butter is melted. serve. 
my comments and changes 
firstly i don't like poached fish, unless of course its atlantic salmon, 
mmmmm, and the resultant wine, herbs, water - poaching stock is just 
discarded and not used in the sauce (go figure???), soooo i just did away 
with the whole poaching thing and pan fried flour coated fillets instead. 
i used dory fillets, but found these particular ones a little soft, 
dhufish next time. i had all ingredients ready for the sauce and after 
removing the fish from the pan, made it in this instead of a saucepan. 
resulting sauce was a nice browny orange colour rather than the bright 
orange it would have been made in a fresh pan. 
with the addition of the 1tsp cornflour/1 tsp water mixture this sauce is 
going to thicken really quickly, no need for this "wait for sauce to 
boil", in fact i used about 1 tsp cornflour/1 tsp water and still had to 
add a 
little more water (at a low heat) to avoid the "gluggies". 
we had a salad first. spinach, cos lettuce, orange slices, white onion 
with a mustard vinaigrette. then the fish served with new potatoes tossed 
in a little butter and chopped parsley and stringless green beans 
garnished with a handful of ultra thin shreds of quickly fried bacon. 
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