Nigerian Pepper Soup
... submitted by lesliemm 
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obe ata - nigeria 
we've borrowed this recipe for nigerian pepper soup from boomie o. at -- 
a really fun and informative site, with lots of great information about 
nigerian food & drink (as 
well as nearly everything else about nigeria that you might want to know). 
3 - 4   fresh tomatoes and 1-2 bell peppers or 16 oz tomato sauce and 6 oz
  tomato paste. (bell pepper is optional) meat/chicken/fish
4   magi cubes
  palm oil if available, otherwise use vegetable oil
2   onions
  dry pepper
place the meat in a pot, add very little water (most meat produces water 
as it cooks), dice one onion 
in with the meat, add some salt, and cook the meat until it is almost 
if you are using fresh ingredients, grind the tomatoes and the bell 
peppers together. you can grind 
in another onion in with them if you wish. 
pour the blended tomato mixture (or the tomato sauce and tomato paste) 
into the pot with the meat. 
allow to cook for about 20-30 minutes, stirring constantly. 
add salt and dry pepper to taste. 
serve obe ata over white rice or pounded yams if you don't have access to 
exotic ingredients. for more authenticity, try some of the other (grain 
or cassava- based) foods that go with soups & stews listed on the food & drinks page 
2.   swedish meatballs: köttbullar
...   submitted by isabel.brattkull
from sweden 
  this recipe is my mother's own recipe for these well-known swedish
  delights, so feel honoured! in
  sweden we have a saying: "mammas köttbullar är bäst" ("mother's meatballs
  are the best!")
1/2 kg  minced meat (50% pork, 50% beef)
1   onion, middle size
1/2 tsp  salt
1/2 tsp  white pepper
1   egg
1   dl raspings (dried breadcrumbs)
1   dl milk (not the low-fat milk)
  some margarine for frying
let the crumbs and the milk swell for a while together. beat the egg into 
the mixture. chop the onion 
rather finely and add it into the bowl. put in the minced meat and add the 
spices. mix it all together 
thoroughly, taste it and add more salt and white pepper if necessary. 
shape the minced meat to round balls with a diameter of about 2 cm. fry 
them golden-brown in a frying 
pan, not too hot. pick them up when they are ready. put a stock cube and 
some creme fraîche in the frying 
pan and make a sauce of that by whipping it together. 
serve the delicious meatballs with boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam, or 
shredded cabbage mixed 
with lingonberry jam, or pickled cucumber, or ... or ... 
makes approx. 30 meatballs 
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