Don's Secret Bread
don's secret bread recipe 
with buttermilk and orange zest 
now and then it's perfectly all right to have a treat. if you don't use these 
as hamburger buns, sandwich buns or even dinner rolls, then top them when hot 
of the oven with the glaze mix below and turn them into donut like buttermilk 
bars. (you can even roll these up on the board, shape them like donuts and 
let them rise. bake the same as others. make sure if you do that you leave a 
"huge" hole in the center because these will rise high.) it would be too 
decadent to replicate real (deep fat fried) buttermilk bars, decadent and 
very, very weight inducing. these are a sunday after church breakfast treat 
-- just like the real things use to be for our family years ago. 
makes 18 
1-3/4 cup  less 1 tablespoon warmed knudsen or other lower sodium buttermilk
  2275 mg)
5 cup  unbleached best for bread flour (12.5 mg)
2 Tbsp  white granulated sugar (.252 mg)
2 Tbsp  olive oil (trace)
1 Tbsp  cider vinegar (.15 mg)
2 medium  to large egg whites (109.6 mg)
1   egg yolk (7.138 mg)
1 medium  orange, zest from, grated through white pulp (.72 mg)
1   level tablespoon vital wheat gluten (2.12 mg)
1 Tbsp  bread machine or active dry yeast (6 mg)
  optional glazing for buttermilk bars
1   egg white, beaten (54.8 mg)
1 Tbsp  sugar (.126 mg)
place ingredients in bread machine in order listed. set machine for dough 
(if making by hand, float yeast in warm water with a pinch of sugar for 5 
minutes or until it becomes visibly active. mix all ingredients and knead by 
hand for about 10 minutes. follow below instructions after that.) 
when dough is ready, roll out onto lightly floured bread board. cut in half. 
press down with hands until dough is about 1/2" or slightly more thick. slice 
or cut into bar shapes for either buns or bars. make long slashes with a very 
sharp knife down the length of each bun or bar. if making bars, brush on 
glazing (above) each bun. 
set on lightly greased (use olive oil in a spray can) baking sheets. cover 
with very light cloth or wax paper and set in warm place. (heat your oven to 
about 100 f, turn off heat and use that to let dough rise.) 
let dough rise for about 45 minutes. set aside and heat oven to 425o f. 
bake for about 6 to 8 minutes or until golden brown. 
when done, if to be used for sandwiches, set on rack and let cool. 
if to be used for donut type buttermilk bars (a treat for sure), glaze each 
bar when out of oven with the following mix. set aside to cool. 
the glaze 
1 cup  unsifted confectioner's sugar (1.2 mg)
1 or 2 Tbsp  orange juice with calcium (.31 mg)
1 Tbsp  softened unsalted butter (1.562 mg)
  soften or warm butter, mix all ingredients with fork until smooth.
  nutritional information sodium per recipe: 365.5 mg sodium per bun/bar: 20.3 mg
  buns, with no glazing or topping calories: 159.2 protein: 5.538 g carbohydrate:
29.6 dietary fiber: 1.219 g total sugars: 2.261 g total fat: 2.7 g saturated
  fat .64 g monounsaturated fat: 1.262 g polyunsaturated fat: .309 g cholesterol:
14.2 mg  calcium: 37.3 mg potassium: 59.5 mg sodium: 20.3 mg vitamin k: .754 mcg
  folate 70.9 mcg
nutrient values with glazing, per bar: calories: 162.8 protein: 5.733 g 
carbohydrate: 30.3 g dietary fiber: 1.219 g total sugars: 2.954 g total fat: 2.7 
g saturated fat: .64 g monounsaturated fat: 1.262 g polyunsaturated fat: .309 g 
cholesterol: 14.2 mg calcium: 37.4 mg potassium: 62.2 mg sodium: 23.4 mg vitamin 
k: .754 mcg folate: 71 mcg 
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