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hot toddy 
crick water 
vern's apple pie 
apple pie punch 
hot toddy 
i got this recipe from reading charles dickens, which is definitely 
pre-1840. there's not much to it, but it's good and it's authentic. of 
course, i had to do a lot of research to get it right... 
in a tumbler or coffee mug, put: 
1 teaspoon of sugar 
1 shot of your favorite beverage 
fill with hot water and stir. 
i've made this with rum, whiskey, brandy and gin. they are all good. 
when i use gin, i like to add one eighth of a lime. this is very typical 
of how 18th and 19th century people consumed distilled spirits. i find 
it very nice on a cold day, after ice fishing, deer hunting, and etc. 
your ob't sv'nt, 
tim donohoe 
crick water 
500 millileters  vodka
500 millileters  amaretto (i like to use bols)
2 can  of frozen orange juice
  same 2 cans of water
1   jug of daily's concentrated sour mix
mix all ingredients together and chill. 
and... drink to yer hearts content! 
vern's apple pie 
1 gal.  apple cider
1/2 gal.  apple juice
3 cup  sugar
8   big cinnamon sticks
1 bottle  of everclear (190 proof grain alcohol)
*according to vern, if just the men are going to be drinking the apple 
pie you can put in a liter of everclear. if it will be used for a 
christmas or party drink where the women will also be drinking it, he 
recommends just using a 750 ml size bottle. 
put the apple cider and the sugar in one pan and the apple juice and the 
cinnamon sticks in another pan. bring them both to a simmer. stir them 
both enough to dissolve the sugar in the cider and to mix the cinnamon. 
remove the cinnamon sticks after about 5 minutes or until the taste is 
all out of them and they "taste like wood sticks". cool. then mix 
together and "drink 'til you drop!" 
vern tiede, box 633, hawley, mn 56549 
apple pie punch 
1   750 ml bottle of a good 151 proof rum (preferably, bacardi brand)
1/4 cup  brach's cinnamon imperials candy.
(loki says it is imperative to use brach's imperials brand as 
there are waxes 
in other cinnamon candy that will collect in your jug and make a 
nasty mess) 
1 gal.  apple cider
1 tsp  whole cloves
1 tsp  whole allspice
6   whole cinnamon sticks
pour off 750 ml of the apple cider into another container, so as to have 
enough room to put in the rum. then into a sauce pan put about 2 cups of 
the cider from the cider jug, and all of the spices. bring this mixture 
to near boiling, then let it sit until it is cool. now pour the sauce 
pan of cider and all of the whole spices back into the cider jug. now 
pour the rum into the cider jug. the most important part of making this 
wonderful jug elixir is that it must rest for at least a month, longer 
is better. pour off into several smaller jugs. (this is for preservation 
sake. this way if you fall down and break your jug at the party, you 
won't loose all your good apple pie) 
note: doc has found that the addition of 1 cup of white sugar to the 
mixture makes the apple pie taste a whole lot better. you might want to 
try that too. 
from darla "shoshone woman" moore (a recipe given to her by loki apple) 
  an authentic beverage of the fur trade era)
1 quart  acid citrus juice (orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc.)
1 cup  brown sugar
2 cup  water
1 quart  dark spanish rum
mix thoroughly in a large tin kettle. be sure to leave in the fruit 
rinds. pass the kettle around to anyone within reach touting the true 
authenticity for the fur trade. 
(from the american mountain men) 
buckskinner cookbook 
frank "big ugly" spoerl of des moines, iowa has kindly 
donated his collection of approximately 662 wild game recipes to the 
buckskinner cookbook! the recipes are in a 766k text(.txt) file so you 
can read and search them with windows wordpad. for faster download the 
file is compressed. 
texas-flavored pork chops 
i like my food spicy, and my husband likes his mild. this pleasantly 
spiced dish makes us both happyand our son enjoys it, too. it's easy 
to make, and i always have all the ingredients on hand. andrea k., 
of kentwood, michigan 
prep/total time: 30 min. 
3/4 cup  seasoned bread crumbs
3 Tbsp  chili powder
1/2 tsp  seasoned salt
1   egg
1/4 cup  fat-free milk
6   bonein pork rib chops (about 7 ounces each, 3/4 inch thick)
in a shallow bowl, combine the bread crumbs, chili powder and 
seasoned salt. in another shallow bowl, combine the egg and milk. dip 
chops in egg mixture, then coat with crumbs. 
transfer to a 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pan coated with nonstick 
cooking spray. bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until a meat 
thermometer reads 160 . yield: 6 servings. 
nutritional analysis: one pork chop equals 299 calories, 12 g fat (4 
g saturated fat), 120 mg cholesterol, 448 mg sodium, 12 g 
carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 34 g protein. diabetic exchanges: 4 lean 
meat, 1 starch. 
source: taste of home's light & tasty 
(ID: 5069) Mirror: Wed, Nov 10, 2004

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