Salade a la Russe
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the israeli food and wine critic daniel rogov disagrees with the 
widespread view that salade olivier was created by a chef named olivier 
at the hermitage restaurant in moscow. here's what rogov has to say, 
together with rogov's recipe: "based on peas, carrot cubes, potato cubes 
and mayonnaise and served in virtually every restaurant in germany and 
nearly every french bistro and brasserie, "russian salad" is probably one 
of the world's best known side dishes. what is not so widely known is 
that the dish served has nothing whatever to 
do with russia. "the simple truth is that the original version of russian 
salad was devised by jacques olivier, a french chef who had been born in 
dijon. it is true that olivier had been in the service of czar nicholas 
ii. unlike his employer, however, the chef escaped from russia and opened 
a restaurant in wiesbaden, germany and it was there that he invented the 
dish that he named 'salade a la russe' in honor of his former employer. 
"olivier's dish, as can be seen in the recipe that follows, is a simple 
but absolute delight. unfortunately, since its creation many restaurants 
have sought 'short-cuts', nearly all of which made the dish decidedly 
inferior. in fact, during a visit to paris, olivier himself sampled the 
version of his dish being offered at maison doree, a prestigious 
restaurant of the day. the chef was so offended that he stormed out of 
the restaurant in a rage, took the first train back to wiesbaden and never 
again returned to paris." 
sometimes known as salade olivier 
1/2   kilo roasted chicken meat, cut in small cubes
4 medium  boiled potatoes, cooled, peeled and sliced
4   hard boiled eggs, cut in eighths
2   halfsour pickles, sliced thinly
3/4 cup  mayonnaise
1/2 cup  sour cream
  salt and pepper
6 - 8   hearts of lettuce
2   tomatoes, cut in wedges
16   green olives
2 Tbsp  capers
in a mixing bowl combine the chicken, potatoes, eggs and pickles. fold in 
the mayonnaise and sour 
cream, season to taste and mix gently but well. serve the salad on a bed 
of the lettuce hearts and garnished 
with the tomatoes, olives and capers. 
(serves 6 - 8) 
p.s. the chef at new york's russian tea room included salade oliver, made 
with truffles, in a dinner that he did at the james beard foundation last 
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