Using Fiddleheads: Forest Fettucine with Morels and Breast of Pheasant
forest fettucine with morels and breast of pheasant 
yield: 4 servings. 
1/2 oz.  dried morel mushrooms -or- 2 tablespoons morel powder
3/4 cup  semolina flour
2   extralarge eggs
2   extralarge egg yolks
1 Tbsp  olive oil
  morel cream sauce:
18   dried morel mushrooms -or- fresh, if in season
1 Tbsp  butter
2 Tbsp  chopped shallots
1-3/4 cup  heavy cream
  salt, to taste
  white pepper, to taste
  nutmeg, to taste
24   fiddlehead ferns -or- asparagus tips
2 Tbsp  butter
  for pheasant:
2   pheasant breasts (from 3 lb pheasants) boned, skinned & halved
  white pepper
2 Tbsp  butter
prepare the fettucine. clean any soil clinging to the morel stems. place 
mushrooms in a spice mill and grind to a fine powder. combine the powder 
with the semolina and all-purpose flours in a food processor and process 
briefly to blend. beat the eggs, egg yolks and oil together and, with the 
motor running, add the mixture to the flours. process until a neat ball 
forms on top of the blade, about 45 to 60 seconds. remove the dough from 
machine and knead for a minute on a very lightly floured surface. pat into 
thick cylinder and wrap in plastic. refrigerate for at least 1 hour. 
about 1 hour before serving time, cut the dough across into 6 pieces. 
knead, stretch, and cut each piece in a pasta machine or by hand. spread 
the fettucine on a tray dusted with semolina. cover with a towel until 
cooking time. 
prepare the sauce. soak the mushrooms in warm water to cover for 5 
minutes. (halve and rinse fresh morels). drain the mushrooms, halve them 
lengthwise and rinse briefly. cut into small pieces. heat the butter in a 
skillet and add the morels and shallots. cook over low heat until the 
shallots are tender. add the cream and simmer, stirring often, until the 
sauce is lightly thickened, about 15 minutes. season with salt, white 
pepper and nutmeg to taste. the sauce can be prepared and gently reheated 
just before serving. 
  rub any fuzz from the fiddlehead ferns and trim the tails to leave about
1/2   inch drop them into boiling salted water and cook until tender, about
5   minutes drain well. at serving time, heat them through in the butter.
about 20 minutes before serving time, sprinkle the pheasant breasts 
lightly with salt and white pepper and let them sit at room temperature 
until you are ready to cook. heat the butter in a large, heavy skillet. 
when it foams, add the breasts and brown lightly for about 5 minutes. turn 
and cook over moderately low heat until they are nicely browned and barely 
done in the center, about 5 more minutes. remove them and let them sit for 
5 minutes. drop the noodles into a large quantity of boiling salted water. 
return to a boil, stirring. cook about 1 minute, just until tender. drain 
them thoroughly and toss with three-quarters of the sauce. arrange the 
fettucine on 4 serving plates. slice each pheasant breast in 6 vertical 
slices and fan over the pasta. top with the remaining sauce and surround 
with the fiddlehead ferns. 
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