Long John Silvers and Arthur Treacher Fish and Chips Batters
archer teachers great fish 
long john silver's batter-dipped fish 
request long john silvers and arthur treacher fish and chips batters 
sorry to say, but a few weeks back i lost all (about 4,000) the recipes 
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fish and chips batters. it would really appreciate it. 
archer teachers great fish 
yields: 8 servings 
cuisine: english 
main ingredient: feta 
keywords: copycat fish 
3 lb.  fish fillets
  basic fish batter-
3 cup  boxed pancake mix
3 cup  club soda
  the simplicity of imitating the original arthur treacher fish is to whip
  together the boxed pancake mix (used dry from the box) with the club soda,
  till the batter becomes the consistency of buttermilk. you may have to add
  a little more club soda to achieve this consistency. (perhaps a 1/2 cup
  more will do!) set it aside. cut 2 to 3 pound fish fillets each in half,
  making a triangle shape of each half. moisten each in a bit of water.
  shake off excess water & coat lightly in plain flour. let pieces dry 3 or
4   minutes on waxed paper, without touching each other. the floured
  coating acts as an adhesive, so that when you dip them each into the wet
  batter, the coating will not break apart nor fall off during frying.
  with tip of small sharp knife, pierce 1 floured piece of fish at a time &
  dip to coat evenly but lightly in prepared fish batter. drop at once into
  3quot depth of hot oil (385 - 400 degrees f) and fry only a few minutes each
  side, turning only once to brown each side. do not use tongs to remove
  fish from hot oil, or coating will break and fall apart. spear pieces 1 at
  a time with tip of sharp knife & place on cookie sheet (ungreased) and
  keep pieces warm in 300 degrees f oven till all pieces have been fried.
  serves 6 to 8. the chips are imitated by cutting frozen "cottage fries"
  each in half to a crescent shape & fried in the same hot oil, after frying
  the fish, just as you would frozen french fries. or prepare your own
  fries source: gloria pitzer's secret fast food recipes 1976 reprinted
1985   per serving (excluding unknown items): 140 calories; 1g fat (7.8%
  calories from fat); 30g protein; 0g carbohydrate; 0g dietary fiber; 73mg
  111mg sodium. exchanges: 4 lean meat.nutr. assoc. : 0 0 0 0 0 0
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long john silver's batter-dipped fish 
yields: 4 servings 
main ingredient: 
keywords: fish 
3 cup  soybean oil
2 lb.  fresh cod fillets
1/3 cup  self rising flour
1 cup  water
1   egg
2 tsp  granulated sugar
2 tsp  salt
1) heat oil in a deep pan to 375 f. 2) cut fish into wedges approx. 7" 
x 2"(wide end) x 1 1/2" (narrow end) 3) with mixer, blend flour, water, 
egg, sugar, and salt. 4) dip each fillet into the batter, coating 
generously, and quickly drop into the oil. 5) fry each fillet until dark 
golden brown, about 5 min. 6) remove from oil and place on paper towels or 
metal rack to drain. yield: 4 to 6 fish fillets soybean oil is what your 
local long john silver's uses to fry their fish, and you will best 
duplicate the real thing by using the same oil. but any other oil may be 
substituted. you might want to try canola oil. it is the oil lowest in 
saturated fat, and the taste difference is only slight. it's crucial that 
your oil be hot before frying the fish. to test the temp., drip some 
batter into the oil. it should bubble rapidly. after 5 min., the test 
batter should become golden brown. if so, fry away, fish fiends. source: 
"top secret recipes" by todd wilbur per serving (excluding unknown items): 
1470 calories; 165g fat (99.0% calories from fat); 1g protein; 2g 
carbohydrate; 0g dietary fiber; 47mg cholesterol; 1082mg sodium. 
exchanges: 0 lean meat; 33 fat; 0 other carbohydrates.nutr. assoc. : 0 0 0 
0 0 0 0 
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