Empanadas Chilenas (Chilean Meat Pies)
empanadas chilenas 
(chilean meat pies) 
(makes about 20 empanadas) 
  meat filling: (must be made long enough before hand to allow to fully
  cool it's best if it's made a day before and refrigerated overnight.)
5 lb.  of lean ground beef
2   yellow onions, chopped
1 clove  of garlic, peeled and mashed
1 tsp  of cumin
3 Tbsp  of adobo seasoning
  mix all ingredients and cook the meat mixture in a stew pot until
  cooked medium to medium-rare (it will finish cooking inside the
other things you will need for the filling: 
5 eggs, hard boiled 
can of ripe olives (save some of the juice for dough making process.) 
box of raisins 
dough: (many different fillings can be used, so the dough is the most 
important part.) 
5 lb.  of unbleached flour
1 cup  of vegetable shortening or lard (do not use oil)
6 - 8 cup  of chicken broth (best if you use pieces of chicken in water
  instead of bullion.)
source: http://www.vinceandjessica.com/empanadas/ 
empanada dough: pour all of the flour into a big mound on a large 
counter-top or other surface sufficient for working. hollow out a "crater" 
in the top of the mound. pour about 1/4 of the chicken broth into the 
"crater". mix the broth into the flour. continue pouring and mixing the 
broth little by little until all of the broth is mixed in. melt the 
shortening in a small sauce pan. once all the shortening is melted, pour 
it into the flour, mixing at the same time. (be careful not to burn 
yourself on the hot melted shortening, the owner of this site does not 
assume liability for any injuries during this or any other process.) kneed 
the dough thoroughly. roll the dough into a large log shape. break the 
"log" into two equal pieces and continue kneading. once the dough is well 
mixed, break off pieces into tennis ball sized pieces. 
take one of the tennis ball sized pieced and roll it flat with a rolling 
pin. then place a couple of table-spoons of the meat mixture, one slice of 
hard-boiled egg, one olive, and several raisins in the center. place a few 
dabs of the olive juice from the canned olives around the contents. fold 
in half and press the edges down (close to the contents). the olive juice 
helps the dough stick together. use a pastry utensil to cut the excess 
roll the edges up a little to ensure a good seal. then place on a cookie 
sheet. broil sheets of empanadas under low broil for 15 to 20 minutes, 
checking often to make sure they are getting golden brown on top and not 
black. once they are golden brown on top, bake at 350 degrees f for 
another 20-30 minutes. (flip one over at about 20 minutes to make sure 
they are not burning on the bottom.) once they are golden brown on both 
sides, take them out and let them cool slightly before eating. 
they will keep for up to a month, refrigerated and tightly sealed and 
make a great snack or meal. just heat them up in a toaster oven at 300 
degrees f for 10-15 minutes. 
source: http://www.vinceandjessica.com/empanadas/02empanada_dough.html 
poster's note: the above link includes many pictures of the empanadas 
making process. 
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