Chicken Cordon Bleu
4   chicken breast halves, boneless and skinless
4 slice  holy swiss cheese, like kraft
4 slice  deli-ham, not shaved just sliced thin
3 Tbsp  dijon mustard
  salt and pepper
1/2 cup  flour
1/2 cup  flour mixed with 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs
2 large  eggs
1/2 cup  half & half
with smooth side of meat mallet, pound out meat gently to 1/4 inch 
thick, a little this way or that won't hurt. salt and pepper meat on 
both sides. set aside. 
in a quart size storage bag with zip lock, place 1/2 cup flour and salt 
and pepper. just shake some in the bag like you would if making a 
coating for chicken. coat chicken by gently shaking in bag with flour. 
shake off excess and lay aside. do rest of chicken pieces in same way. 
in shall place or bowl, beat eggs with half&half. if it looks to thick 
add a little more half&half 
in another shallow plate or bowl, mix your flour and bread crumbs 
together along with some salt and pepper. 
measure out your dijon mustard in a small bowl 
have some 6" wooden skewers ready also 
lay a chicken breast in front of you. with a knife, spread mustard on 
one side of it. lay a slice of ham on top of mustard, lay a slice of 
swiss cheese on top of ham. roll piece of chicken up like a jelly roll 
and secure along the long side of rolled up meat to make a seam. coat 
chicken rolls in egg wash and then in flour, bread crumb mixture, 
pressing breading into chicken with fingers. 
in a skillet with 2 tbsp. cooking oil over medium high heat, brown your 
chicken rolls on all sides. remove to paper towels to drain. 
spray a 13x9x2" baking dish or pan with non-stick spray. lay your 
chicken rolls in dish or pan. cover with foil and bake 45 minutes in a 
preheated 350 degree oven. if coating gets to soft, remove foil last 15 
minutes of cooking. check about half way through cooking time. make 
sure meat is done by poking with fork then pressing down on chicken roll 
with back of fork. if no pinkness appears, your meat is done,if not 
bake at 5 minute intervals until it does test done. some chicken 
breasts are bigger and thicker then others. 
footnote: sometimes i open a jar of heinz mushroom gravy, add a tbsp. 
soy sauce and a little pepper to it and pour over chicken rolls before 
starting to bake. this is good to. my husband loves rice, so when i 
use this method, he eats the gravy over his rice. if you have 3 or 4 
eating, use 2 jars of gravy. i guarantee that one of these rolls fill 
most people up along with the rest of the trimmings on the table. 
bonapetite pattyg from mo. 
(ID: 8413) Mirror: Sat, Mar 27, 2004

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